Meet Hope Dundas MSBS, PA-C

My practice is dedicated to providing trans and queer affirming care that prioritizes the mental, sexual, and reproductive health of LGBTQIA2S* and other sexual minority communities. My approach is grounded in harm reduction, trauma-informed care, and patient-centeredness. This means that I offer a range of services, including gender affirming hormone therapy, medication management for mental health concerns such as ADHD, anxiety, depression, c/PTSD, bipolar disorder, as well as PrEP, doxyPEP, contraception, ED medications, and more.

I can provide puberty blockers (GnRH agonists) for appropriately aged gender diverse children and adolescents, and offer in-person appointments in Okemos, Michigan, as well as telehealth services for anyone in the state of Michigan (including those from IN or OH who can drive over the Michigan border for a telehealth session).

We accept Medicaid and Medicare, as well as most commercial insurers. Regardless of whether or not you are seeing one of our mental health providers, you are welcome to come to my practice for specific services like HRT, PrEP, mental health meds, etc. I believe in creating a welcoming, inclusive space that affirms all gender and sexual identities, and am dedicated to helping my patients achieve their health and gender embodiment goals.


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